Grow Zones

GROW ZONE  No Mow Zone SignHave you seen our new Grow Zone signs sprouting up around our town properties and parks? The Town of Carrboro is going back to nature with the creation of grow zones. Grow Zones are areas that are designated as NO MOW ZONES where native plantings are encouraged to grow.  Benefits of Grow Zones include:

  • Improve water quality by allowing deep root natives buffers to filter and encourage infiltration of stormwater runoff.
  • Stabilize soil from erosion
  • Provide wildlife habitat and food sources.
  • Add natural beauty to town properties.
  • Reduce carbon footprint by lessening the use of gas powered landscaping equipment.

As part of implementing theses Grow Zones, Public Works will be removing invasive plants and planting native species to expand the Town's natural areas. This program aligns with the Carrboro Community Climate Action Plan, Carrboro Vision 2020, and Carrboro 2009 Climate Protection Resolution. For more information on these visit the Carrboro Community Sustainability webpage.

Signs are being installed to mark Grown Zones and to inform residents about the initiative. Residents are asked to be patient, as the transition back to nature takes time. These areas that look overgrown will eventually transform and add to the beauty of our natural spaces. For questions or to report areas that need attention contact us at 919-918-7425 or