Flood Resilience

We are at "a watershed moment" in Carrboro and beyond. In the past decade, we have been increasingly affected by more frequent and intense rain events. This reality is a major driver for the work of Carrboro's Stormwater program. Building "flood resilience" captures the essence of this significant challenge.  The contributing factors have been decades (or more) in the making and it will take time to build this resilience.  Two of the foundations of doing so are "nature based stormwater solutions" and "flood mitigation" techniques.  The links and documents below offer resources that go into more detail on these concepts and the work that the Town is pursuing.  Note that the new Comprehensive Plan includes details on planning for a more resilient Carrboro. This page will be updated as new information becomes available.

NBSS graphic

Nature-based stormwater strategies such as permeable pavement,
cisterns and rain gardens promote infltration and rainwater reuse.
These techniques reduce stormwater runoff even on high density
development sites. 

Green Neighborhoods Initiative

RainReady Study 

Carrboro Comprehensive Plan